Pushing the boundaries between make-believe and reality, between species and realms, between what we treasure and what we can preserve....

Are We There Yet?

Roaring Twenties, Mixed Media

original block print, fabric, feathers, clay. In a custom 11.5 x 20 shadowbox. $400

Prairie History

original sketch printed on fabric, vintage book, vintage boot, fabric, tin on wood. Approx. 10 x 21 in a shadowbox. $450

Prairie Native

Mixed media black-footed ferret in a 10 x 21 inch shadowbox frame. $400



The Keeper

Original block print, vintage book pages, clay, fabric, beech stick, acorns... $400 in a 17 x 17 shadowbox.

Curtains of Night

Fabric, vintage gloves, original block print, paper, thread in a 13 x 19 shadowbox, $400

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Are We There Yet?