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Pushing the boundaries between make-believe and reality, between species and realms, between what we treasure and what we can preserve....

punk schoolgirl owl mixed $350

Punk Schoolgirl - mixed media in a shadowbox frame - 12 x 16 - $350

Roaring Twenties, Mixed Media

original block print, fabric, feathers, clay. In a custom 11.5 x 20 shadowbox. $400

Prairie History

original sketch printed on fabric, vintage book, vintage boot, fabric, tin on wood. Approx. 10 x 21 in a shadowbox. $450

Prairie Native

Mixed media black-footed ferret in a 10 x 21 inch shadowbox frame. $400



Are We There Yet?
Curtains of Night

Fabric, vintage gloves, original block print, paper, thread in a 13 x 19 shadowbox. Collection of the artist.

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